Saturday, December 23, 2017

DataStage Flow Designer - Introduction

Here is new look of Information Server 11.7 Launchpad. A closer look at the launchpad, all tagged "New" are core new Features as part of this release. Focus of this blog is DataStage Flow Designer.

Click on DataStage Flow Designer Icon under Integration and it will open the DataFlow Designer window. You can also open it directly using URL https:///ibm/iis/dscdesigner/#/ .  Initial Screen will have Project Selection prompt more like existing DataStage Designer. In case user is not logged in, it will prompt for Information Server user. You can choose the project want to work with. And yes, you can switch across projects anytime in no time.

Once select appropriate project, can see videos on how to create first Job or overview about DataStage Flow Designer. 

Click on "Creating your First Job" to learn how to create DataStage job. DataStage flow Designer keep Design time completely separate from runtime. User not connected to engine before compile or execute the job.

Backward Compatible : User can open any existing Job within IBM DataStage Flow Designer. No migration is required. User can also open any new job created using new user interface inside existing Windows based Designer. You can see same Job opened in DataStage flow Designer and existing Designer. DataStage flow designer provides design time capabilities and keep flow independent of runtime. User do not specify runtime engine for designing a Job.

DataStage Flow Runtime  : User specify runtime during compile and run stage. Currently based on project selection, it detects the runtime and deploy the content for execution in secured manner. Communication between Design time and runtime is completely secure. View provides access to compiled OSH content and Job Logs. Detailed job logs available via Operational Console.  

Quick Navigation : DataStage Flow Designer enable user to mark specific job as favourite and access them easily (e.g. in welcome page) at later stage. User can even choose to show only bookmarked jobs. It also provides quick search capabilities (e.g. timestamp, description, name etc), saving time in looking for a job across repository or folder navigation. Virtual scrolling enable to list thousands of jobs within the Project.

Other Key Features : Use Palette to drag and drop available connectors and operators to canvas. Different stages can be linked to Nodes / Links as visible in the Job Design. Can review and edit stage and column properties. You can leverage mini-map on the lower-right to focus on certain area in large complex job.

I'll share details via video blogs for different features. You can click for DataStage Flow Designer Overview.

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