Friday, December 22, 2017

DataStage Flow Designer - API driven Data Integration

In last couple of years, Hadoop and Cloud journey pushed Data Integration space to reinvent. Data Consumption models are changing. Process data requires these models gel together with cohesive strategy and not isolated Hadoop, Cloud and traditional data processing deployments.  
I spent sometime understanding this evolving space and now decided to take pen and share my perspective with series of blogs.  

Let me start with latest happening in this space, IBM recently released Information Server 11.7. Information Server consolidated integration and Governance space in 2007 and provided new features every year. 
After a decade, IBM decided to bring next wave of innovation as part of IBM Information Server 11.7.  Changes were visible with Information Server 11.5 release on Governance side (IA Thin Client), 11.7 introduce next level of changes. It brings API based Thin Client for DataStage.  "YES" you read it right. IBM introduce a DataStage flow Designer which can be used from any browser and allow you to create DataStage jobs.  Here are few interesting features :
  • New client is backward compatible allows user to create or edit jobs both in Thin Client and existing Thick Client DataStage Designer. 
  • User can compile the flow from within Thin Client (no need for Windows Client)
  • User can execute the Job from within Thin Client and view logs both in existing Director, Designer or Operational Console
  • User can create DataStage Job using REST API(s)
  • User can integrate these API(s) with their automated build pipeline (eg. Jenkins)
Off-course lot's of new features part of this release both on Governance side and also on Connectivity side. Here is official feature summary: Information Server 11.7 Feature Summary  and Preview DataStage Flow Designer

I'll write a series of blogs soon sharing detailed features of Information Server 11.7, usage of DataStage Flow Designer, using API(s) and many other interesting features.

Disclaimer: “The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.”


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