Friday, December 2, 2011

Automation-How it will help Optimize Resources

Complexity on SDLC is increasing daily and so is kind of issues and handling them optimally and spending time where it makes sense depending on your role and it's viewpoint.
For example when I'm handling, things like use resources and infrastructure optimally and enable Software to do redundant things and allow teams to spend their time in enhancing capabilities than doing these tasks. As it requires to spend time in automating areas and so it takes the back seat as you need to perform daily tasks. Even though every one aware of the positive impact of this and being an architect I'd rather minimize or remove manual efforts - a long-term gain to team productivity but at the cost of product in the short-term. Now when I see this from developer's perspective I'd rather be focused on developing and handling the cool new product than bug fixing or modifying current tests.
However good automated regression testing is something that "no way" we can ignore and when I say testing it means starting from Code Check-in till release Cycle no manual intervention should require. Not even for configurations of machines or test assets. It's usually not a huge investment of time but the payoff is large and grows over time - like a savings account. From each point of view
  • Developer --> Less Time bug fixing Enjoy your Family Life as well
  • Manager --> Better quality product, risks identified earlier. Happy Customers
  • Architect --> Spend time in new Designs with minimal product risk.
  • QA --> Less manual drudge work and satisfied management and improved quality.
 In next Blogs I will discuss why and How of Automating Regression Cycle.

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