Friday, November 18, 2011

Automation and Cloud Offering with IBM TSAM and IBM WebSphere CloudBurst

The Tivoli Service Automation Manager(TSAM) and WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance are private cloud management offerings that enable the cohesive approach necessary when building a cloud environment. It is important to note that the two are not competing products, but instead are complementary in nature. Primarily they differ on their degree of specialization:
  • WebSphere CloudBurst focuses on addressing WebSphere workloads.
  • Tivoli Service Automation Manager provides standard management capabilities to a broad range of workloads.
You must consider the needs of your private cloud environment when deciding on whether WebSphere CloudBurst or Tivoli Service Automation Manager is appropriate for your cloud needs. It doesn't have to be an either/or decision — there are indeed usage scenarios where you will benefit from an integrated solution of both Tivoli Service Automation Manager and WebSphere CloudBurst.

The Tivoli Service Automation Manager provides you with the capability to request, deploy, manage, and monitor cloud services from a single management interface. Regardless of which type of cloud service or software components constitute the service, you can use Tivoli Service Automation Manager to standardize and automate the delivery of the environment to your cloud. Once delivered, Tivoli Service Automation Manager builds on existing IT infrastructure to provide insight into the full life cycle of the cloud-based service.

The WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance is a cloud management device, purpose-built for WebSphere application environments. It builds on special virtual images, such as the WebSphere Application Sever Hypervisor Edition, and allows users to create patterns that represent their target application environment. These patterns encapsulate the application infrastructure nodes and configuration necessary for the environment; you can use WebSphere CloudBurst to deploy them into your private cloud. Once deployed, WebSphere CloudBurst provides management and monitoring capabilities that give you necessary controls over your running application environments.

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