Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Use InfoSphere DataStage for ETL Processes

IBM InfoSphere Information Server is a suite or can say an umbrella of multiple integrated solutions with features of Profiling, Cleansing, Extraction, Transformation, De-Identification and Loading. InfoSphere DataStage is an ETL tool and part of the IBM Information Platforms Solutions suite. It uses a graphical notation to construct data integration solutions and make life easier for the ETL process developer.
IBM InfoSphere DataStage provides a series of benefits like

Flexible Development Environment to ETL Process Developers. With its Feature Rich Designer developer can develop their processes in their desired manner and can even plan components which can be reused. Feature Like multiple instance of single process allows to share and remove redundancy of processes across enterprise. ETL developer can perform the data integrations process quickly and even can mane use of extensible objects and functions apart from implementing customized functions and use them.

With InfoSphere DataStage ETL developer can not only retrieve data from heterogeneous applications but also can join data at source level or at DataStage level and apply any business transformation rule from within a designer without having to write any procedural code. 

With the introduction of Information Server, common data infrastructure used for data movement and data quality (metadata repository, parallel processing framework, development environment) and provide a complete Data Lineage.Off course all this along with capability of executing the ETL process in parallel mode with unlimited scalability and maximum utilization of hardware resources.

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