Wednesday, June 15, 2011

IBM's Centennial and Community experience by ISL Hyderabad

It is a proud moment for IBMers as they are celebrating 100 Yrs of IBM's vision. IBMers world wide doing their bit to help the local community and go beyond their regular hectic Job Routines. It is true that in the Age of the Modern Corporation Community Service is must and every one need to push the boundaries of science and technology, along with the responsibility towards IBM and make their communities successful.

Today Technical Community @Software Laboratories Hyderabad celebrating the freedom to work and decided to take Community Experience. Technology Experts experiencing a new challenge today while  working with or I should say mentoring young Kids of various Schools in Hyderabad including few in Interiors. It is a 'real time' Challenge and completely different experience for these Experts where they share their ideas with Children. It will be real fun to see how these experts convenience and explain things to our Next Generation Kids who consider technology from different perspective. From my perspective It is real learning exercise for these experts than really to the young kids. As kids are real innovators in all fields. They knew how to handle problems with multiple tries and without taking tension.
Let me come back and share the experience and also share more as I am sure it is going to be real fun.
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