Thursday, June 16, 2011

A century of IBM: Technology pioneer continues to ‘Think’

Happy Birthday IBM.
From June 16, 1911 where companies that made scales, punch-clocks for work and other machines merged to form the Computing Tabulating Recording Co to be renamed as IBM in 1924 and to be our own Watson in 2010. IBM came long way and hence we always simplify IBM by saying "Think" - "Click for IBM 1st".

IBM started way back making sense of millions of punch card records and sees future innovations in the analysis of the billions and billions of bits of data being transmitted in the 21st century. So those Inventions by IBM during its early days are key to future Generations and Trends. Data from multiple sources, Integration of Data, real-time data processing and Business Analytic all have base in those Initial Inventions.

As Watson getting used in real-world to use as a medical diagnostic tool that can understand plain language and analyze mountains of information, we can understand where IBM Thinking and Technology going. Based on this we can say IBM and other Technology companies focusing on "Data" and its Analytic. As Data or say Huge Data in raw form need to be processed. And its analysis going to generate many new businesses in future.

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