Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Take on the Day of Love

Well I usually blog on Technical Idea and usage but not sure why and how I decided to blog on the Day of Love. I am unusual person to take on this but let me try. People say Change is Life and I say Keep pace with Changing Life Cycle (no typo against Style). So I am trying same.
All knows February means Romance, Commitments, promises and Affection. I am also exposed to this fact.
Different intentions, Different ideas but same name 'V Day. It is all about expressions and how different people express it differently.  But I would like to say It is really complicated. Isn't it?
"Love has a tendency of appearing when you least expect it". If you might have watched movie "Nine" it is about keeping relationship in the center and live around it.I am sure many will agree it can happen even in the stickiest of  situations. Go Watch Princess and Frog :-).But on a serious note, Learning to forgive is what should be the 1st and last lesson in Love. All it teaches is "honesty". It is about commitment.
Is "Love" enough in the midst of constant despair? Can life goes with it? Isn't it really we are pretending to be happy and celebrating keeping reality behind? So where is the honesty here? If we can't share our happiness together honestly, how you can think will stick together in hard times?
So commit, promise and be honest on this day instead of pretending because my other friend is doing so. He is doing same thinking same :-).

"No intention to preach or lecture :-). Enjoy the day with friends who cares about you". They are the ones who are "real" and it has to be 2 way path. One way leads into no where.Love really needs efforts to make it work. Not sure how many of you really do that but wish you all Luck.

Disclaimer: It is really Personal View. You can read and disagree or ignore and disagree :-). But do enjoy with honesty.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Debugging is an Art - BTB Series 1

As part of Back To Basics, I decided to take on Debugging which is most commonly used and S/W Engineers spending time WW. It is at various levels and know as various names and many even hate this but can't live without it.
Weather we are using IBM AIX System or we have applications like WebSphere or any InfoSphere applications and even DB2 or Oracle. We have to do the debugging when we use them.
So here is my take.

Developing vs maintenance are two different approaches. In the product Life Cycle it is the maintenance which last for long, require deep skills and techniques to proceed. As all aware it is process of isolating and correcting the cause which test care uncovers. Or say process which results in removal of error.
Debugging is not simply looking at the problem and test case and identify the solution. "It is an ART". Engineers need to be confronted with the situation with "symptomatic" indication of the problem. i.e. External manifestation of error and the real internal cause without having any obvious relationship with one another.
So let me define saying an Art or poorly understood mental process which connects symptom to a cause is called "Debugging".
Another confusion people have is it is testing but it is not but always occur as a consequence of testing.
Debugging always have 2 outcomes
  1. cause found and corrected
  2. cause not found and have to follow suspect, proceed approach with more tests. Keep validate the suspicion until problem found in iterative manner
Problem or in field term named as "bug" provides clue with its behavior.
  1. Symptom may be geographically remote and even not appear part of program but impact a site that is far removed. Highly coupled components exacerbate this situation.
  2. Symptom disappear temporarily as a effect of another error correction
  3. Can be impact of non errors as termed round-off inaccuracies
  4. Human error and most difficult to be traced
  5. Result of timing problem rather than processing issue
  6. Difficult to accurately reproduce the input conditions as in real situation input ordering is indeterminate
  7. Issue is intermittent
  8. impact of parallel processing as tasks distributed across and running on various processors

I will discuss various Strategies and Tactics for debugging in extended part 2 of this series

Disclaimer: "The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to Basics - Are we really forgetting?

I had few discussions with few people in January and was surprised. People are slowly forgetting S/W Engineering concepts. Or what we learn in college. Companies like IBM building new products day in, day out and people are using it. But seems as a community or professional we forgot few basic things which we need to spread as they come handy when every day.
So here comes back to basics series. In this series I will highlight issues like Debugging why it is an art. What does it take to make a product successful. Why to follow a specific model? What are new tools which can help us in daily working environment or using all these big applications what other tools we need to have.
How maintaince can be easier if we follow few simple rules i.e. "Back to Basics - BTB Series".
So watch this space for initial set in few days.

 Disclaimer: "The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions.