Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tooling around Migration

Migration is always a complex things and enterprise hate this. 1st thing is "Why?" It is additional cost, more time, resources, planning and so on. Impact stick to older versions causing cost to various product teams. Maintenance cost  of product is always very high and if customers hesitant to migrate cost doubles as need to have features in older releases.
Now companies including IBM focusing on how to help customers migrate. How to enable them to use new versions and provide more features. This open the scope for more advanced tooling around Migrations. Especially in the area of ETL. With ETL, ELT and other modules picking up and get upgrades either on databases or in operating systems or even product related patches or even maintenance release. All this require some testing before customer goes "Live". Currently this process is less than semi automated and time consuming. So lots of delay in between upgrades.

It looks like IBM and all other vendors in the ETL tooling area taking this as a challenge and addressing them with various tools around their products. Though it is beginning but is an area where more focus in coming years is going to be customer's demand. Migration is not one time effort but on-going and also data spread across spread across operating systems and databases and other formats. So a consistent focus is required.
 So tooling around Migration is the key to future in my opinion.


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