Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Intelligent ETL or is it Analytics and ETL

It is quite some time when I was exploring why ETL is "must have" and how other technologies around can make it more relevant to business user. How ETL and many technologies around can come together can make more sense to enterprises and also to the society as a whole. 

While doing so I came through few examples where Technology played major role in India. I focus more on India as you know its complexity, culture, multiple languages and so is festivals. 

Passport and Single UID to me are more complex than India's Moon Mission. Reason being impact and involvement of people at large spread across 28 States and 7 UT if not changed recently. It is quite some time now in India Passport Seva got started which allows passport to be issues in 3 Days. It is quite an achievement keeping complexities involved w.r.t. India and in the manner information stored in various departments. Same is the manner when we talk about single UID for all Indians. It is biggest challenge brains in the software industry facing in recent times so is various officers in the Government of India. To find a solution to such a large and complex system where even data formats are not defined how you establish the identity. Various companies put their best to come to a final possible solution. Why I am saying this? This lead me to Analytic. While digging more on "Analytic" I realized it is nothing but availability of data in some or other form and using various techniques off course intelligent ones and establish relations and then predict results. So basic requirement here is also data.

Businesses or Enterprises today implement unique solutions to protect their Customers, employees, assets or even their brand. Even Companies do background checks before they hire or issue the contract. In short primary goal is  to establish the correct identity or can say who - exactly - they are dealing with.
While doing this analysis you definitely need the data stored for Business Intelligence, Government Compliance and even future predictions. 

It forces me to think why I am saying ETL and why not Intelligent ETL  where analytic and ETL talk to each other in same process and provide comprehensive value to world while in the flow. These 2 solutions in India will definitely allow various companies to thing and focus more on "Integrations". Integration is a better approach than developing new products. Even new innovations will happen around Integrations.

I think Intelligent ETL will allow lots of improvements in available solutions for Health care and Financial System and even Insurance and Law enforcement. When I look at Enterprises Every one in-deed looking for analysis real time but also need data.

So let me dig more into Intelligent ETL and will promise to come back on this topic soon in couple of months.
I definitely come back Integration soon as looks to me I should discuss it first.


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