Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Vacation is good for Relationship and Professional Life

Separating work and life or enjoy the life is difficult in today's challenging world. I had vacations every year in last 14 years but never with free mind or without my Mobile or TP/Computer or emails. I never had a day in so many years where slept without any work related tension even during vacation.

This year I visited Chennai, India and first time in last 10 years without my TP / no emails. Infect kept Mobile as well on silent mode. On my return I am feeling like I got Fresh and Charged mind as it was few years ago. It gave me another perspective of life beyond office and utilize time efficiently.

I never realized how wonderful is to have a break from the daily routine, have new experiences and enjoy the time with people I like and make new friends. During this relaxed time I learnt many new things especially from my kids and their side of perspective about everything they like.

In short I decided to share this so my friends who take vacations but in reality not. They should consider at-least few days for Personal use. It will not only help them in their Day to Day "Personal Life" But also help them professionally.

I wish and hope every one gets similar time every year. Happy New Year to all.

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